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What happens to your website if you cancel

If you decide to end your website subscription with Shinybot, you will surely be missed. We understand things happen and sometimes you have to do it.  However, it's not possible to take the website that we created and use it with another company. 

Your content is your own, so if you do wish to cancel, you can save your text by copy and pasting. and download any of your images at any time before you cancel.

Also, if you registered your domain name with us, after 30 days you are free to have it transferred it to another registrar if you wish, simply contact us and we will be able to assist you with this process.  Shinybot does not charge any fees for releasing your domain name. If no action is taken within 60 days of cancellation we will let the domain name expire.

Website subscriptions have a 6 month term agreement or contract associated with them.  Canceling before you reach your 6 month term, may result in additional fees. Important that you understand this before you cancel. 

The cancellation of your account will result in the removal of any Shinybot hosted website or email accounts associated with your domain name within 7 days of your cancellation date.  Any email accounts and or aliases associated with your domain name may not be accessible, and email information may be lost for those accounts until you have been able to restore sufficient hosting to support your domain name.

To cancel you just need to contact us via email.

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